It’s me again Margaret…

Hello, friends. {AKA ~ Strangers} Goodness, I haven’t written a post in FOREVER. It’s just so hard to write during the school year. Now that summer has returned, we’ll see if weekly posts can make an appearance! I might even try for two some weeks. Hold your horses!

So, I’ll do a fast recap on what’s been going on… Well, just one thing I can think of:


My sister-in-law (and brother! Ha) welcomed a baby on, drumroll… New Year’s Eve. My Birthday. Reese’s Birthday. Oh my goodness, we share a birthday. How special is that?! She’s just the best thing ever. And, I’m her favorite person in the entire world. I mean… we share a birthday. You can’t compete with that! 😉 I have two Godchildren {Gabie and Noah} who mean the WORLD to me…so I knew what having a niece or nephew would feel like. New babies are just so fun! Reese is very well loved and has many nicknames: Pieces, Reesey Cup, Sweet Pea, and JJ (Jill Junior) to name a few. I’m not entirely sure what we did before her… But I’m so glad she’s here and I plan on spoiling her rotten.

This year has also been full of some new (and old) adventures that I will be sharing soon! Until then, I’ll keep posting pictures of all things beauty and fashion on Instagram!

Off I go…



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