Ready or Not, Off Betsy Goes!


Off Betsy Goes, literally! Ready to hit the road this summer in my new Outback! I love adventures…and this blog is certainly one as well! I had the idea to begin something like this in late winter/early spring. One Sunday morning drinking coffee on my front porch I decided I could do this too! I began posting pictures on Instagram and now I’m ready to start this blog! Exciting!!

Southern. Style. Adventure.

Southern – Born and raised in Georgia. Can’t get more Southern than that!! I love the Georgia Bulldogs, Sweet Tea and Southern Manners. Now, I love a Georgia peach ๐Ÿ‘ย but I must admit…. South Carolina makes some good ones too! I’ve been known to pull off the road to buy a fresh peach or two. I’ve got frozen peaches in my freezer year round… Nothing like a good peach cobbler. My Mama can bake a cake better than Paula Deen. My Daddy makes the best cornbread you’ll ever eat. Basically #healthy. Carbs = Clearly why I go to barre!

Style – I’ve basically been obsessed with style since I can remember. In high school I even kept a daily journal of what I wore so that I wouldn’t repeat an outfit. #crazy ย Some of my favorite memories include shopping… When I was 6 years old, my MiMi and Mama took me to NYC. We left early out of Atlanta and got into the city before anything was really open. I remember going on a buggy ride though Central Park but thinking “why aren’t we going to Bloomingdale’s?!” Ha! Little did I know that the stores weren’t open yet. My mind was on shopping, not sightseeing! I’m lucky to live close to Atlanta. There are several great malls, lots of outdoor shopping areas and tons of adorable boutiques!!

Adventure – GO might be my middle name. I am ALWAYS up for an adventure. Now, I had a little accident ten years ago that kinda changed my outlook on life. Not to say I didn’t love traveling before…but I wasn’t one to hike, kayak, bike, camp, etc. When the doctors told me I probably wouldn’t ever walk without a brace… I decided that I most certainly would! #stubborn I am very blessed to have this leg and I am very thankful for the adventures I have experienced with it! I feel like I’ve already been on an adventure this summer (insert: Bonnaroo) but I am more excited for what’s to come! Summer Seventeen is gonna be fun!

Off I Go….

xo, Bets


18 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Off Betsy Goes!

  1. Yay! Excited for you to start this! I feel like we have been talking about it for a while. Crazy how much alike we are, reading this! (Other than maybe the adventure part! Lol!) Can’t wait to be a part of some of your adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Whoot, whoot! Congrats! I love to hear your stories, so I know this journey will lead you to great places. I can’t wait to read about all your adventures. You have already changed my fashion sense and it seemed like such a seemless change! Love you and your courage to always “just go for it” attitude!

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  3. Betsy! I’m so excited for you! This blog is so you!!! I need to read up, get style advice, and live vicariously through your adventures! โค๏ธ
    I remember that New York trip that you took when you were six (seriously, I remember being so jealous) Ha! I guess I was living vicariously through your adventures even back then!
    Love you and can’t wait to see how many millions of followers you get!

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    • Thank you!! Well, I hope you’re on some of these adventures with me!! I love a road trip! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hilarious!! I love a day trip to NYC! We’ll have to take one soon!
      Love you!! โค๏ธ


  4. Adventures with you are the best! I’m so excited about this new adventure you have begun and look forward to sharing some of your experiences. So very proud of you and love you beyond measure! ๐Ÿ’•

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  5. Love you Betsy and love your style! I’m excited to see your adventures and live vicariously through them! Seeing you (or your instagram) always brightens my day :)!

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