What’s Good Wednesday? No. 2

OH MY QUAD. Those were my thoughts in January of 2016 as I left my first barre class. I went to that first class just to see what the barre-hype was all about…and left signed up for life. Ha! I mean… even on vacation, I find a barre class to attend. Guess you could say that I am slightly obsessed. Now, I still love to walk around downtown, go out for a hike on a trail, kayak down a river, mountain bike in the woods {Shop til I drop. That counts, right?!} ….but none of them compare to barre. I am stronger than I’ve ever been or thought I could be after my accident because of barre. #barrestrong

Here’s why barre is beneficial to me:

1. It’s an amazing core workout. Yep, core.

2. It improves posture.

3. It has increased my flexibility. (Which was basically shot after skiing into a tree!)

4. It’s low impact.

5. It targets every muscle group.

6. It has a low injury risk. (Um, pretty high on my list of importance!!) #accidentprone

7. It’s helping my balance.

8. It’s FUN!

If there’s a studio in your town… Go hit the barre! It’ll give you a great excuse to buy new workout clothes {linked below} and I promise, you’ll start feeling stronger almost immediately.

Off I go…. It’s Barre o’clock somewhere!

Xo, Bets

1. Zella legging

2. Zella legging (SALE)

3. Zella legging

4. Tank

5. Tee

6. Lace Up Sports Bra

7. Open back tee

8. Racerback Sports Bra

9. Lululemon legging

10. Lorna Jane legging

11. alo MOTO legging

12. Athleta legging


Thankful for Carrie. She brought barre to the Houn and I gained one amazing friend! As kind as she is beautiful. ❤️

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