One week ago today I was enjoying Fat Tire Friday at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains…home to a plethora of outdoor activities, restaurants, and, of course, beer. There are twenty craft breweries in Fort Collins ~ They produce seventy precent of the craft beer in Colorado. So, if you are there for a day, weekend, or week…you will find just the thing to wet your whistle.

Many years ago on a ski trip I discovered Fat Tire… And ever since that first sip, it has been my favorite beer. Now I have many second favorites, but nothing has compared to an ice cold Fat Tire…until last Friday. The irony. A stop at Odell Brewing Company changed my mind. A mind that’s pretty stubborn, I might add. So what’s this new favorite?! 90 Shilling Ale. And just my luck, I can’t find it in Georgia. Anywhere. So I’m going to keep drinking Fat Tire and all those second faves…while dreaming of 90 Shilling. {If you see one out there, let me know!!}

Saturday’s itinerary included sampling more beer at the Colorado Brewers’ Festival. Ninety plus Colorado beers were on tap over the weekend in a beautiful park downtown. The weather was perfect (if you like low 70’s, no humidity, blue skies, and a light cool wind) but the beer was even better. So many delicious beers in Fort Collins… not sold anywhere else. I guess I’ll just have to go back.

If you find yourself within, say, 8 hours of Fort Collins…then make the drive. Ha! {Just make sure to bring along a desingated driver or take a tour with Murphy on the Magic Bus!} Be sure to stop in these local breweries: Odell Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing, Equinox Brewing, Fort Collins Brewery, Prost Brewing, Funkwerks, Gilded Goat Brewing, Snowbank Brewing, and Black Bottle Brewery. There are many more…so go and find your favorite!

Off I Go…. It’s #fattirefriday after all.

Xo, Bets

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