I miss winter.

Really, I do. I love cold and windy days. I love jeans and boots and scarfs. Oh, and snow days. But let’s talk about why I really miss winter right now: Swimwear. I was prepared for the worst over the weekend. I went with moral support (Mama and Cathy) to complete this task. I mean, I don’t hate my body…but I hate trying on swimsuits. It’s just not fun. I’d rather try on shoes. To find a swimsuit that ~ a. Holds in the girls and b. Fits my flat as a pancake bottom ~ is simply a nightmare.  So, after having a big ole mimosa… I went in ready to tackle the task. Between the three of us, we gathered a mountain of suits for me to try on. The first one I tried on actually wasn’t horrific… and I {surprisingly} made a pretty big “try on again and take a picture from the back” pile. I left with a few suits and completely okay with eating again. So I’d say Mission: Swimsuit was a success.

If you need new swimwear… I HIGHLY suggest drinks before, a few honest friends, and an open mind. I tried on anything and everything. {Bonus: I am pretty sure I even got in a cardio session during the process.} I’m linking suits that made it into my “YES” stack below. Thank goodness the one piece is acceptable this year. Hopefully you’ll find one and be ready for the beach or the pool, too!

Off I Go….

Xo, Bets

1. Lace One-Piece

2. V-Neck One-Piece

3. Hankini

4. Bandeau One-Piece

5. Strappy One-Piece

6. High Neck One-Piece

7. Leopard One-Piece

8. Lace-Up One-Piece

9. Ladder-Front One-Piece

10. Midkini


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