Tuesday Top Ten

Money talks

But it don’t sing and dance

And it don’t walk

And long as I can have you here with me

I’d much rather be

Forever in blue jeans

Oh, Neil Diamond…

If blue jeans are your thing, {Note: If they aren’t, then they really should be!} then I’m sure you’ve seen the hem step trend. To be honest… I wasn’t 100% on board when I first saw them; however, I am now a HUGE fan and ready to wear this trend all fall! I tried on several over the long weekend (Don’t worry, all linked below) and L.O.V.E. how they look with booties!! I found ten pair of hem step jeans {in all price points} and think you’ll find a pair that’ll have you wanting to be Forever in blue jeans!

Off I Go….

XO, Bets

1. Leith

2. KUT from the Kloth


4. AG

5. Loft

6. Loft

7. SP Black

8. Target

9. Old Navy

10. Nordstrom Rack


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